1. Tomas M.

    It is the first time I hear about this platform. Interesting then, why Micro.blog was created as these two look very similar.


    • fwolf

      Well .. Mastodon implements OStatus though, and is completely open source. Micro.blog doesnt give out much information about that or whats its based on.

      There are quite a bunch of different platforms implementing or using it (OStatus), including GNUSocial, identi.ca and other open microblogging efforts.

      Certainly, microblogging solutions are looking similar, because the topic is a common one. Try tumblr, try twitter, try a mix between both .. that might be a blog, a social network, or an irc-meets-forum-meets-text message platform like Mastodon.

      cu, w0lf.


  2. Gilles

    Testing the other GitHub fork… not working in SSL environment but discussing it with the plugin author…
    Libeau’s work is a way too basic ;) but first step though…


  3. X-Raym

    Nice ! :)
    Deeper inter-operability could be done with Mastodon, if it was supported by Zapier or IFTTT, but we can use user RSS to do some basic things.
    That said, any volunteer could register Mastodon in Zapier thanks to it’s API.


  4. fwolf

    BTW: “direct” embed refers to inserting actual content instead of using an iframe. I’ve reverse-engineered the original styling of the Mastodon statuses (“toots”), thus the styling is not perfect, but a) the LESS file from which the CSS is derived is being supplid as well and b) there is a filter hook so you may roll your own CSS, too.

    I’m going to add this to the plugin documentation as soon as possible, too.


  5. Gilles

    I confirm the GitHub plugin works :)


  6. tanya taylor

    Thanks for the post, I never knew this existed and it sounds like it’s more flexible than Twitter. I will definitely check it out.


  7. Scott Hartley

    This is an interesting idea that is for sure it sounds like a easier going version of twitter. Wonder if we can get a plugin in the future to auto post cotnent to Mastodon like we do with Twitter :p


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