1. Marcus Tibesar

    No offense, but anybody who’s website is in it for the long haul, will not get locked into these custom block plugins unless deactivation has no affect on the presentation of the posts…


    • Munir Kamal


      I am the author of the plugin.

      Well, you got a valid point. However, there is always some kind of trust and lock-in. Either it a theme or a plugin that is helping you create custom designs. The plus point for a plugin is that you can have multiple enabled at the same time, so if you need something different you can enable another plugin for that. But for a theme, you are completely locked-in, as only 1 theme can be activated at a time. And finally, above all, you are locked-in with WordPress as well as a CMS (if you are using it). πŸ€”

      Having said that, let me know if there is any suggestion to improve this for my plugin. I will be happy to consider that. πŸ˜‡


  2. jamie

    It’s great to see innovation like this for Gutenberg Core Blocks – it’s a really cool plugin :)


  3. Nick

    At .org I have rated this plugin 5 stars and that won’t change, as this is the only plugin that allows us to have universal padding/margin controls for the blocks, something that I’m shouting for 2 years now for the core to adopt. For third party blocks, you can insert them inside a Group block and have the same controls for those “unsupported” blocks too.

    That said, yesterday I noticed that inserting a Pattern in a page or post was taking about 30 seconds, and sometimes even getting notices from Chrome that the page is being non responsive. Surely enough, after deactivating this plugin the Patterns are now getting inserted withing a second or two. I was also having major performance issues when selecting multiple blocks in a page too, among other things. I am not sure if this major performance issue was there before, or it started happening with the latest update where animations were introduced. As I said before, my 5 star rating is not going to change but as it is now I cannot use this plugin, and have to revert to manually applying all the various CSS rules.

    I hope the performance issues get sorted out soon, I love this plugin.


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