1. Munir Kamal

    Hey Justin,

    Thank you so much for the review and feedback. Community feedback always helps me to improve.

    I’ve just pushed an update to this plugin that adds custom CSS box to all blocks & global via the plugin admin area.

    Although I am adding visual controls for the most needed CSS properties to make life easier, the CSS code box gives more flexibility to customize a block for power users.

    Regarding the theme overrides, well this is something I need to find a way to improve incoming updates. I am also keeping my eye on the new block-based theme discussion happening these days. So this will ultimately be improved for sure.

    I will now as usual be listening to community feedback and improve this plugin as well as add more features accordingly.

    Thank you once again. 🙌


  2. Anh Tran

    I really like this idea. I always find that the core blocks lack design features like this. With the help of plugins like this, I think we can do so many cool things with just core blocks!


  3. Stephen Vaughan

    While all this is exciting stuff it’s let down by the block editor itself. For example you have to work blind in the responsive setting as the editor area doesn’t change width, like it does in the WordPress customiser, to give you an idea of what is happening.

    When the like of Toolset has responsive previews built in already for its block solution for Views/Blocks you have to wonder why this isn’t already implemented in WordPress Core already. And Toolset has al lot of these features installed already which adds up to a lot of variance between how to do things with different blocks and no uniformity.

    There is an awful sense of the Gutenberg team being frequently behind the curve. I can see why a lot of block developers are frustrated by the breaking changes with each update if they go ahead and introduce a feature and then the plugin catches up and causes a conflict.

    I also note that if you use the block editor out of the box on a clean install that the default styling overall is not conducive to creating eye pleasing layouts. I know that the idea here is that it is the job of theme creators to do this but can’t see why the default shouldn’t get off to a good start without depending on a theme.

    I really like the block editor but it really needs to mature and get some shape on itself. It will, I suspect, eventually do so.


    • Munir Kamal

      Just a note that there is a responsive preview added in the Gutenberg plugin already. And hopefully that will be merged into core soon.

      Once that gets merged I will also try to trigger the responsive state when you click on relevant device icon from options available in this plugin. That will make the user experience much better that way.

      For the hover state, You already see the changes as you apply.


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