Editorial Access Manager Adds Granular Editing Control for all WordPress Post Types

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photo credit: pollascc

Editorial access is a capability granted only to Administrator and Editor user roles in WordPress. This access is not easily shared to other roles without changing a user’s role or adding extra capabilities. There are several complex plugins out there that will allow you to create custom roles and manage capabilities. But what if you only need to change editorial access for a few posts or pages?

Editorial Access Manager is a simple plugin that lets you control who has access to which posts. It was created by 10up engineer Taylor Lovett, who found that the default roles were inadequate for certain one-off situations. The plugin lets you assign which users or roles have access to specific posts. It adds a meta box to the post editor where you can set editorial access:


Editorial Access Manager has no other settings besides the meta box for each post. For safety reasons, the site administrator will always be able to edit any post. Editorial access is limited to roles that have the “edit_posts” capability, so the Subscriber role is not available by default.

Sometimes creating a new user role is overkill for just a handful of posts or pages. That’s where the Editorial Access Manager plugin comes in handy, particularly for large publications or multi-author blogs. Perhaps you have a contributor or author who you want to pull in to edit a particular post. This plugin is ideal for that kind of scenario. You can download it for free from WordPress.org or the plugin’s home on GitHub.

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  1. Great plugin! A question : does this plugin works with the custom post type ? i need to add a role to get anonymous to post a specific custom post…


  2. Can this plugin give subscribers the ability to edit or delete their own post and coments?


    1. Most likely not. The plugin won’t let you do anything, you shouldn’t be doing . For example, giving a role with no edit_posts capability the edit_post meta capability for a specific post.


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