1. Nathan P.

    Looks like a good business theme, except I am already using a free theme with built-in support for Easy Digital Downloads, as I’m working to turn my company’s site into a digital marketplace.


  2. Piet

    Thanks for the tip Sarah, it looks quite awesome indeed and can easily become my go-to theme for clients that cannot afford a designer :)


  3. Hector Garcia

    Hello Sarah, I hope you can be as helpful as you are beautiful there? Am very new to this type of forum I guess you call it? How or where do I look for or get answers to questions? I have posted comments or questions to these columns or blogs before and have not received or seen any answers anywhere or know where to look for such I guess.
    About this EDIN theme, it looks very good, but would like to ask if you could help me out as far as the theme I need for my website. I paid a company PSI (Profit Sense Innovations) that used Word Press, several thousand dollars to build me a website and did not get anything like what I ask several times for. So am left building the site myself and am looking to see if Word Press can actually be used to build the kind of site I need. My website is Emotobuys.com and I need it to look and work like Bike Bandit.com (of which is one of my suppliers) or Cycle Parts Nation.com for examples. Could you be so kind to see if this can be done with a Word Press site and direct me to the type of apps I would need to do so?
    Thank you in advance for any kind of help or guidance you may provide,
    Hector Garcia


  4. Simply Milk Co.

    I am using Edin Theme and even went as far as to pay for it. It comes with three extra options: modify colors, modify text, and modified CSS.
    None of these options were worth the $30.
    The colors are still restricted and when you pick a swatch, the color is never the same when displayed on the webpage.
    The fonts are still restricted, with about only 50 options for titles and only 28 options for body text (all 28 are variations of each other so its not even a diverse 28.)
    CSS customization does not even let you add your own fonts.
    I feel like I am being babysat when using the font, and I am going to request a refund from the parents that made it.

    Simply Milk Co.


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