1. David Anderson

    “This is another case where automatic background updates on plugins can quietly save the day.”

    Yes, and that’s good, but I suspect that in future we’re also going discover all the ways in which automatic background updates on plugins can turn your website into the white screen of death whilst you were sleeping. New code isn’t automatically better, nor automatically worse, than old code. In reality, there’s a mix. Hopefully there will be a throttling mechanism applied so that at first only a few sites get the automatic updates, so that it’s only the unfortunate few for whom a buggy update melts their web presence, rather than world+dog.


    • Joel Yoder

      Automatic updates is absolutely a tradeoff of risks. That’s where being able to selectively enable automatic updates helps site owners balance those risks. A plugin like this is a good candidate for auto-updates since emails can be a higher-risk target for security vulnerabilities. Others, like a plugin that only does visual changes to the site may be a higher risk of breaking the front-end and lower risk of introducing vulnerabilities – leaving auto-updates off might be safer in that case.

      I personally believe the introduction of auto-updates to WordPress as an opt-in feature is an absolute win for the platform.


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