1. Stephanie Leary

    Oh, I’m definitely trying this out. People who don’t quite understand the separation of content and presentation are constantly asking me why the HTML Import plugin only (!) does half the job.


  2. Thomas

    I def like the idea. I think this would be good for extremely novice users who want to maybe learn how to make their own WordPress themes. In my opinion though, nothing beats manually creating your own theme. I think you have more control that way. Great concept. i think I’ll bookmark it and play with it a little and see just exactly what it can do. Thanks for the post and the link ;)


  3. Josh

    This is pretty smart. I’m a fan of the Bones framework and I can see this being a great tool for at least previewing what a WordPress site might look like, or getting started.

    I’m with Thomas on this one. Nothing beats manually creating your own theme. Unfortunately most beginners don’t have the finances to hire someone like us.


  4. Jeffro

    It’s important to know that the only things that will turn into WordPress on the static site are those regions you select during the transition. It doesn’t turn the entire HTML website into a WordPress theme. Just the two necessary bits. The content and the sidebar. Everything else remains static.


  5. Ryan Hellyer

    OMG! That’s totally awesome. Hahaha.

    I’ve never thought of something like that being possible, but it makes complete sense.

    It’s not going to work on complex sites and it will be glitchy in general I imagine, but it should be able to crudely bash out the theme structure in a usable state, particularly for simple themes. It worked fairly well on my personal blog.


  6. Jeffro

    @Ryan Hellyer – I tried to rip off some Template Monster HTML sites using their URL without the frame in their demo but it still didn’t work. Some sort of redirect or blocker in place. heh


  7. Kalee

    Might want to mention that it’s not free also. :)


  8. Linda Willis

    I’m one of the non-technical webmasters referred to in Patrick’s “who is this for” list.

    It kind of worked, but our one page static web site came out looking like a blog post and none of the original text was in it. I stopped at Preview as I didn’t want to change the live page.

    Is this the only way to use this? I’d hoped to change the page from HTML to a WordPress theme so I could better handle additions/changes.




  9. Ryan Hellyer

    @Jeffro -Is it possible that you were trying to do it with it inside an iframe as shows up by default in their demo system? I tried it with the raw HTML file and it worked fine.


  10. Ryan Hellyer

    @Linda Willis -I think if you just set your home page as a static page then it will work fine for what you just described.

    WordPress by default serves a blog on the home page, hence that’s what you see initially. Once you change the home page to a static page, it should, well, be static :)


  11. Linda Willis

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Ryan. It could be an iframe issue as I have only a rudimentary knowledge of what that is. I noticed when I used the + to expand the selection, it expanded to take in the whole page. Not sure how to try with the “raw HTML” but thanks for checking that out for me.

    I understand what you mean about the page looking like a blog out of the box, thanks to your explanation.

    The plugin really sounded perfect for me because I’ve been trying to find a suitable theme so I can turn the current “placeholder” HTML site into a fully functional WordPress one.

    Here’s the big question: can I see how it will look as a static page before I make it “live”. The guy who created the HTML page for us is no longer available so I’d hate to lose it or mess it up, even if it isn’t in WordPress. Sorry for so many questions!



  12. Ryan Hellyer

    @Linda Willis -I’d just setup another site with the static page and see how it looks.

    You should ideally have a local development environment, then push your changes from there to a staging environment for you and other people to test out, before finally sending those changes to the production environment.


  13. Linda Willis

    Thanks, Ryan. I do realize I need a local development environment, which we don’t have. Your suggestion about another site to try it out on is a great idea and I’ll try that. Once I have, I’ll post back with how we do.

    Appreciate your suggestions and really appreciate the app and its possibilities.



  14. Patrick Moody

    Hey guys,

    If you have any questions or issues with your conversions, you can email me at support@themematcher.com – happy to help!

    @Linda Willis – Email me a link to the page you’re trying to convert and I’ll take a look :)



  15. Linda Willis

    @Patrick – I’ve just sent you an email with the link. Thanks so much!



  16. Joe Hirst

    This is a fantastic concept, but i’m skeptical of it’s results….
    I’m definitely going to have a play with this and see just how flexible it is.

    Thanks for the post!


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