1. kevinthequaker

    Great info, thank you!


  2. Sami Keijonen

    Great job David. Even if I haven’t yet tested the plugin:)


  3. Scott Dunn

    This is the same epiphany I had a few days ago while migrating from WooThemes Canvas to Twenty Fourteen.

    I’m going back and editing articles with bulleted lists that used theme inclusive bullets, tabs etc. Painstaking but lesson learned. I’ll keep it to Plugins going forward.


  4. David - @turtlepod

    Thank you for the writing about wp-editor.com Jeff,
    I really appreciate it.

    I’ll try to improve the plugin and make it better.
    maybe add several other plugin for “tabs” and “toggles”.
    i’m not sure it’s possible yet, but i’m sure it’ll be interesting to try to write one on weekend.

    the best part of using wp-editor add-on is everything is saved in revision history,
    which is awesome.
    and of course there’s always CTRL+Z if anything goes wrong :)

    i hope it could solve a lot of problem in writing content.
    it solved mine:


  5. WP-Editor.com review on WP Tavern — Shellcreeper.com

    […] — Jeffro @ WP Tavern […]


  6. Abdul

    This plugin is not available on WP.org plugin directory yet. In my opinion, it is not okay to install such plugins which are not verified yet. I don’t know either this plugin is available on WP.com directory, Is it? Jeff, Don’t you think it can be harmful? Who knows the secrets!


    • David - @turtlepod

      Well Abdul, I’m the one who wrote this plugin.
      It takes a lot of effort to write this plugin it is sad to hear something like this about wp-editor add-on plugins.

      I even add automatic update feature in the plugin,
      using my other plugin http://autohosted.com
      so if there’s new improvement or bug fixes user can quickly update it.

      About hosting it to wordpress.org, i might never will.
      I’m still considering that option. But it’s personal decisions.
      it’s the beauty of open source universe.

      And do you know that all “premium” or “paid” plugin is not available on wp.org? Are they all bad?
      Well, I hope not.

      If I make this plugins premium/paid would you trust this more?

      But, I understand your concern.
      And you don’t need to install this plugin if you don’t need it. It’s 100% optional.

      But please, don’t think that all plugins not hosted at wp.org is bad. because It’s not true.


      • Abdul

        Dear David,

        I can understand your feelings. Many bad things happened to me too, but I had no intention to hurt you. Your constructive comments and email boosted my professionalism. I respect you from core of heart, and wish your plugin great success. I have intention to design my own WP theme as well. :)

        I believe that all plugins outside wp.org directory are also good.

        You asked, “If you make this plugin premium/paid would I trust more”? My immediate answer is, “yes”. Because, it is fundamental human psyche to believe more on difficult/expensive one. Right now, I am preparing my own functionality plugin (for you quite easier), but good to start for me. I’m not in WP business. It’s not my profession, but I want to experience it. I really didn’t mean to hurt you.

        Warm Hug!


    • Justin Tadlock

      I’ll personally vouch for David’s work.


  7. Keith Davis

    “… provide the same functionality through the use of shortcodes…. if a user were to switch themes, those styles would disappear.”

    Good point well made Jeffro and those boxes and buttons look pretty good.


  8. Jacob

    I don’t really have any interest in the buttons or boxes (so thanks for separating them out), but the columns add-on is fantastic!

    We make sites for very very low-tech clients and we’ve had lots of trouble finding a way for them to have more complex layouts. Tables are a huge mess, and very buggy in WordPress, and column shortcodes aren’t easy for regular people to get their head around. Being able to created columns so simply in in the visual editor is a big deal for us.

    The only issue I’ve notice so far is that copying and pasting into a column can go kind of funny sometimes. I’ve noticed that sometimes when pasting into a column it would get pasted outside it. I also tried copying text from a half column in one set of columns and pasting to the left column of a 1/3 – 2/3 set. When I pasted it ended up pasting into the 2nd column, rather than the one I was pasting into. I could see this being a TinyMCE issue though.


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