1. Jeff Chandler

    This looks like a great plugin and a potential alternative to Edit Flow. I’m a big fan of Edit Flow but the lack of development scares me. Perhaps we should give this plugin a try on the Tavern to see how it compares?


    • DavidWells

      You could probably use this in conjunction with Edit Flow.

      I built it as a lightweight plugin that clones and merges posts as quickly as possible.

      If you have a post/page template you want to duplicate and edit. BAM. Done.

      Or, if you have an existing post/page/custom post that needs updating. Clone, edit, view cloned copy, all good(?), merge into original. BAM. Done.

      Feature requests welcome. Would love to here your thoughts.


      • Joseph


        Nice to read your openness “Feature requests welcome.”

        I use “Duplicate Post” and “Duplicate Title Validate” plugin together. It would be great if a single plugin can perform this two functions together.



  2. cdngryphon

    Maybe I’m missing something, but if a person can edit a post or page, why do you need this plugin?


    • Jef Menguin

      You will keep your original version alive while editing. You can practically have two versions of your blog posts also and decide which one to publish. And I understood that it was created for multiple authors who can review and publish posts.


      • cdngryphon

        Thank you for your reply. I think this plug-in is not something that I need at this time, but I’ll store the fact that it exists in the back of my mind, in case I ever do need/want something like this :)


  3. blair2004

    I have just installed the plugin here, but it seems there is an issue, when i’m going to posts list through the dashboard.


  4. Kaye Thomas

    I’ve been wishing for something like this for a long time, and expect it to be hugely valuable.

    Feature requests:
    Ability to swap versions rather than merge or create a new one. For example, we might want one version of a page when an item is in stock and a different one when it is out of stock. (Without testing, I’m thinking maybe you can do this in effect by creating two clones, editing and merging one while keeping the other to reverse the change later?)
    Ability to have merge (or swap) occur at a specified time. For example, new version takes over after the April 15 tax deadline passes.

    Meanwhile, I’d like to know what it takes to have all those settings boxes available for constructing a page. Is that all custom, or is there a plugin that makes it easy? Talking about where the video shows “Call to Action,” “Page Settings – Featured Posts,” “Content Sections.”


  5. Jef Menguin

    I will try this one. The plugin looks promising.


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