1. Peter Knight

    Loved the choice of the featured image on this one


  2. Jeffrey

    Thank you Sarah for the information.


  3. Kevin Oleary

    To be clear, what Dries is proposing is that we standardize on a framework for the *admin experience* of Drupal. I don’t think anyone would deny that Drupal 8 modules decoupling their administrative UIs using a variety of different frameworks could quickly devolve into something hopelessly unmanageable.

    There is no plan to standardize on a framework for the *end-user* facing parts of Drupal. Of course a standard framework on the admin side would be a core library available to the end-user facing side as well, but that wouldn’t stop developers from progressively decoupling end-user experiences with a different framework in the same site or indeed fully decoupling via REST to a single-page app.

    To my mind this is really a best-of-both-worlds solution that balances harmonization and flexibility. Even in a worst case scenario where the Drupal community settled on a framework that did not grow or that proved inappropriate for our needs, innovation on the end-user side will provide us with a rich well of experience to course-correct.

    Personally I don’t think we need to worry about that since our community process for making these types of decisions is very rigorous, open, and has a great track-record, for example the choice of Jquery for inclusion in Drupal 7 at a time when it was far from as ubiquitous as it has since become.


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