1. Ryan McCue

    Erm, it would be nice if you answered it to let those who Google that know. :)


  2. Andrea_R

    Maybe the dot com can do a little more PR work in letting their users know it’s taken care of. :)


  3. Ryan

    Lol, that has to be the ultimate n00b question to ask.

    I can totally see how they’d get confused though. To many people “WordPress” is WordPress.com, but of course it is not. “WordPress” is the software which WordPress.com happens to use.


  4. Jeffro

    @Ryan McCue – Well, I did leave the link in there in case people want to find out. But thanks to the comments, no need to tell people what they should be doing heh.

    @Andrea_R – No matter how much PR you put into this, both of them using WordPress in their name is going to cause problems. This is just a permanent side effect to the branding nightmare.


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