Display Your Contributions to WordPress With the WP Contributions Plugin

WPContributionsFeaturedImageWP Contributions is a new plugin by Dustin Filippini, Damon Cook, and WebDevStudios that displays WordPress contributions via widgets. Widgets included are:

  • Contributions to the Codex
  • WordPress Core Contributions
  • Featured Plugin
  • Featured Theme

Once activated, browse to Appearance > Widgets to access the new widgets. You’ll need to know your username for WordPress trac and the Codex to display your contributions. Keep in mind that the core contributions widget only list tickets that are closed and you received props for.

WP Core Contributions Widget
WP Core Contributions Widget

The Codex contributions widget displays the most recent articles you’ve edited along with a link to see more.

Codex Contributions Widget
Codex Contributions Widget

The theme and plugin widgets use the slug of the theme and plugin you want to feature. You can only feature one theme or plugin at a time unless you use multiple widgets. The featured plugin widget displays a thumbnail of the plugin’s header image, author name, version, description, average rating, total downloads, and when it was last updated.

WP Contribution Plugin Widget
WP Contribution Plugin Widget

The featured theme widget displays a small preview of the theme, a short description, average rating, author, current version, total downloads, and when it was last updated.

Featured Theme Widget
Featured Theme Widget

Even though the plugin and theme widgets are meant to be used to showcase your own work, they’re great for featuring any plugin or theme you’d like people to know about. WP Contributions comes with a series of template tags for those who want more control over how the information is displayed.

One thing I’d like to see in a future version is short code support. This way, users could create a WP Contributions page on their site with easy to use short codes. It’s not supported now, but Filippini informs me that a future version will include the ability to display badges attached to a WordPress.org user profile.

As WordPress continues to increase in marketshare, the ability to show how much you’ve contributed to the project is a huge resume booster, especially if you can say your code runs on millions of sites. In early 2014, WordPress made substantial improvements to user profiles but there’s no easy way to display those contributions to a wider audience.

WP Contributions does a decent job filling the void and is available for free on the WordPress.org plugin directory. I tested WP Contributions on WordPress 4.2.2 and it works without any problems.


17 responses to “Display Your Contributions to WordPress With the WP Contributions Plugin”

  1. This is really cool plugin. Thank you for creating it.

    I have couple of requests:

    – Where we can contribute translations? I can translate in Finnish.

    – Theme widget probably won’t get theme description in Finnish from .po/.mo file. Could there be textarea where I could enter theme description in my own language? If empty, it would fallback the English theme description like now.

    • It would be great if we could just pull in the translated version of the description, but it sounds like from what Marko says, that isn’t available yet. I’ll look into adding fields to override the description. If someone really wanted to change it, there is a filter on all of the theme and plugin data right after it is pulled from WP.org. Not the best for non-developers though.

      Otherwise, I’m pretty sure all strings within the plugin are ready for translation. When I get a chance, I will set up GlotPress for the plugin. Or, you could provide me with translation files or do a pull request on the github repo.

    • Maybe, but it hasn’t been updated in two years so people won’t be able to find it if they search for such a plugin.

      This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

    • Konstantin – Yeah, the core and codex widgets are almost exactly the same. I made a few small modifications to fit my scheme and included the code in this plugin. We wanted that same functionality in a plugin with the theme and plugin widgets I created. I gave that plugin, which I know you are a part of, a mention on the plugin page in the repo.

    • I looked at WPPIC while doing this, but for our needs we wanted something a little plainer to style on our own and with less branding in the admin. We, however, have plans to add some pre-built styles for all the widgets like are present in WPPIC for those who don’t want to jazz it up themselves.


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