digitale Pracht: A Minimalist Blogging Theme for WordPress

digitale Pracht is a new theme on created by the folks at PALASTHOTEL, a digital products company based in Germany. The name translates to “digital splendor,” which aptly describes the theme’s bright new twist on the traditional blog design.

The designers made a few bold choices with the layout, which does not support a top menu or include a sidebar. digitale Pracht’s liberal use of white space puts the content in focus and also highlights the typography selections. Lora and Lato, a set of light, contemporary Google fonts, are used for the header and paragraph text.

This minimalist theme has just enough color and character to avoid looking stark. digitale Pracht’s golden yellow accent color is used for separator lines, buttons, and headers that are links. It’s also used for the reading indicator, a unique feature of the theme that displays a visual marker on the side of the viewport as the reader scrolls.


PALASTHOTEL’s company blog currently uses the theme and provides the nice live demo of digitale Pracht in action.

The customizer is lean on settings for this theme, but that also means it’s more similar to the demo upon activation. Users can easily change the highlight color using the customizer and can also enable a small sharing button for posts that appears at the bottom right corner of the page when scrolling.


A related articles section is displayed beneath single posts in the same style as the posts on the homepage. The theme uses square featured images in the archives and they are also displayed overhanging the right column at the top of single posts. Square featured images make it relatively easy to activate this theme and have it look decent no matter what the shape or size of images used in the previous theme used.


digitale Pracht includes support for PALASTHOTEL’s free Grid plugin that allows users to create custom landing pages with containers and content boxes. This approach makes it possible to add pages with business or portfolio type content.

If you like minimalist design and don’t want a load of settings to configure when setting a theme, digitale Pracht might be a good choice for your blog. Previewing the theme on doesn’t do it justice but using the live preview inside the WordPress admin offers a decent look at how it will display on your site.


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