Crawford: A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme for Writers

A steady stream of minimalist themes for writers has been flowing into the official WordPress Themes Directory this year. As people grow disenchanted with interaction on social networks, the personal blog is on course for a renaissance. The beauty of WordPress is that anyone with something to say can be a writer.

Crawford joins their ranks of free minimalist themes designed specifically for writers who wish to place more emphasis on their content without all the distractions of sidebars, widgets, and superfluous features.


With Crawford activated on your site, you’re almost guaranteed to have it looking like the demo in under a minute. The theme options mirror the frontend simplicity, offering only the basics. Crawford doesn’t include any header, background, or color customization options.

The customizer features your standard controls for changing the site title and tagline. You can also set the primary and secondary navigation menus and assign widgets to the three footer areas. That’s it. The design itself cannot be further customized from here unless you create a child theme.


No design options in the mix may seem like a drawback for those looking for a more flexible, all-purpose theme. However, the lack of features in Crawford is meant to be one of its chief selling points. The theme is also responsive for displaying your content beautifully on mobile devices.


Crawford was created by Australian theme developers from wpmultiverse. Check out a live demo to see the theme in action with blog posts set for the homepage. Of all the minimalist blog themes I’ve seen lately, Crawford stands out as exceptionally readable. View a single post to see how elegantly the design displays blockquotes, unordered lists, and tags.

Having a new, clean theme in place can sometimes make all the difference for having the motivation to write. If you need a fresh start, Crawford is a beautiful option now available for download from

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  1. Yes, but the italic font for the date is just slanted Roman type, not true italic. Puh-leeze!


  2. Sweet! This is exactly what I needed for my new client, writer who wanted clean and minimal page design, without any distractions.


  3. Not a bad looking theme but changing the Typeface would be the first thing on my list of things to do.


  4. Hi Sarah,
    nice article. I just installed this theme, but I’m not able to choose a picture as shown ín the demo. Any ideas?

    Nice greetings from Germany,
    Zee German


    1. Hi Zee…

      I recently did a video overview of the Crawford theme. If you want to check it out I’ll put a link at the bottom of this comment. I too was disappointed by the fact that the featured image for each post wasn’t showing up in the regular “blog loop” on the home page. So I created a child theme that would allow that to happen. You can download that at the following link as well (its free).

      Good luck!

      Here is the link –


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