1. Steven Gliebe

    It looks great, inspiring to me as a product maker getting started with blocks. Thanks for writing about block-based products. I love seeing what’s possible.

    Frankly, commercializing the removal of a credit link a shady business practice.

    I respectfully disagree. The user gets something of value for free and the provider gets exposure. That’s a fair deal in my view. The paid version does offer more value than just the removal of the credit link. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that more upgrade for extra features than the removal of the credit.

    This was frowned up 10-15 years ago when theme authors were doing it. It should be frowned upon today when plugin authors do the same.

    Has this changed, maybe? I’ve had “Powered by” links in my commercial theme footers for eight years with an included option to change or remove. These are paying users and most leave the credit in place. It’s a significant source of referrals for me. If my paid users are content with it, I’d expect free users to be at least as content.

    Otherwise, either my audience is different or there is a problem with the mentality of “free”. Many people, when they pay nothing for a product, attribute a low value to it. More than one product creator has observed that this tends to create a sense of entitlement in some.


    • Justin Tadlock

      I don’t think I can ever be OK with a plugin putting a credit link in the post content, particularly if there is no way for the user to remove it without writing code. That is the user’s space, not a place for plugin authors to advertise. It’s not a place to gain exposure, regardless of the price of the plugin.

      Can you imagine what the modern web would look like if every block or shortcode plugin done this?

      A theme or plugin simply putting a credit link in the footer is an entirely different situation. When I was on the theme review team, I know the team suspended at least one theme for intentionally making it hard to remove the footer credit link and upselling paid removal. Not sure how the team feels about it today.


  2. Gary
  3. Pavel Ciorici

    @Justin, thanks a lot for your honest review of our plugin! Your suggestions are highly appreciated and we already started to fix some issues you mentioned.

    I have just updated the plugin and removed the footer credit that appears on the front-end in the free version. This is now something optional, and if someone wants to show their support to our plugin, they can easily enable it. For everyone else, including existing and new users, the credit will no longer appear by default and will also disappear once everyone will update the plugin to the latest version.

    For many users, this wasn’t a big problem, and we helped them to hide the credit via CSS, so it wasn’t in our intention to force people to upgrade to the PRO version just to remove it. The footer credit helped us to promote the plugin at the beginning, but currently, I believe that’s no longer necessary.

    We’ll try to improve the user experience in future updates, but I think that some issues can’t be fixed due to some limitations from different Gutenberg components. For example, the issue with not being able to hit the Enter key to add a new item can be also found in the Yoast’s blocks as well (FAQ, How-to).


  4. Omar Abdullah

    I agree with you that the Recipe Block plugin is the best. Simplicity is key when you are running this type of website. There are many plugins on the web which complicate things by adding unnecessary options that the user doesn’t really need.


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