1. Scott Winterroth

    I think also, it should be mentioned that dark mode is something that can be accomplished on the browser side as well.


  2. David Decker

    First of all: big thanks to Daniel and highest respect, for the work he did with the “Dark Mode” plugin. It is excellent. And actually it would have more than deserved to be included in WordPress Core.

    But it was and is just not wanted. (Totally sad, really!)

    The way Daniel was handled is shameful. So the commitment of a WordPress contributor is destroyed. Mind you, he invested it all in his spare time. There was no company that paid him and gave him time off, as is the case with the “5 for the Future” propaganda.

    No, it was a free, independent commitment.

    Now he’s hanging it up.

    One less again. Another one who throws in the towel.

    It’s so sad. So embarrassing.

    And let’s be honest: if something was wanted so far, a way was always found, even off the beaten track, isn’t it true? But if you don’t want something, then an armada of rules will be held up and the whole thing will be stalled in less than a day.


    • Miroslav Glavic

      With all due respect, so he gave some time of his own for free to give back to the Community. So? He chose to do that.
      I think we should all give some time to WordPress. After all, we are all making money on our WordPress based websites.


      • David Decker

        Yes, he chose to do that.
        And he invested a lot of time.

        I doubt that those “decision makers” really installed the plugin and tried it out themselves before they gave their “no”. I followed the plugin closely since it was released on .org and also the process of Daniel making it a “feature plugin”.

        It’s the whole process how it was handled, that gets me in anger. And I guess this is one of the main reasons he is abandoning it, and he was already stating that above.


      • Sandy

        Every company’s dream is a group of people who will work for free to grow their product. WP is a company product. If you do not see that, well, that leaves me speechless.


  3. Otto

    Dark mode is something that we need, but maybe it should be simpler. I haven’t looked at the plugin yet, but I probably should.


    • Jeremiah Stillings

      I haven’t either Otto but as with all things WP, it is just css skinning.
      I have long had to mod WP admin panel for ADA so when I am in it I don’t get false positives. I do that by modding the CSS to the admin panel, should in theory be same simple fix.


    • David Decker

      Really, Otto?

      You haven’t tried the plugin yet, but already know “but maybe it should be simpler”…

      Can’t believe this…!


  4. Anh Tran

    I like the idea of the plugin. It’s really useful for developers, who look at the WordPress dashboard all day.


  5. Miroslav Glavic

    I prefer the dark mode to be on my browser, which in fact it does have it on my browser.

    Both Firefox and Chrome have extensions/add-ons. I am not sure about Edge, IE or other browsers.


    • David Decker

      I doubt that a browser-based solution will be any good for the WP Admin. This might be inverted styles and in almost all cases these look ugly.

      A real native solution like the Dark Mode plugin is always better in my opinion. It will also allow other plugins to opt-in to support this for their own admin screens – and they have the chance to customize stuff.


  6. John Teague

    Dark mode is one of the most popular features around today, plus it brings added benefits of lower battery usage and lower carbon footprint. The idea that those benefits and wants seem lost on a decision-maker in core is not at all surprising.


  7. Alex

    Let’s be real here… The plugin has 2,000 users…….


  8. Li-An

    Dark Mode becomes popular even on Windows 10 where it’s available. And I use more and more applications offering a dark mode.


  9. Eugenia

    I’m a fan of dark mode. Much easier on the eyes. I hope someone responsible adopts Dark Mode.


  10. Scott Hartley

    I am a fan of Dark Mode as well. It’s much easier on my eyes. I am not sure why there is all the hate against it. It’s not like WordPress doesn’t have admin color scheme’s already baked in. Who here has honestly made use of Ectoplasm or Sunrise? I think a Dark Mode would see much more adoption as it’s just easier to work with especially when trying to write at night.


  11. Daniel James

    It’s lovely to see people support the plugin and are happy with how far it’s come. I’ve selected a new owner for the plugin and I hope to see the plugin developed further into the future.

    It’s been great fun to make something like a Dark Mode for WordPress and I would like to see it in core at some point although there’s plenty of work to be done to get it working well with Gutenberg as lots of things have changed since the last update.

    Hopefully the new author has some big plans in the way of updates!


    • David Gwyer

      Daniel has kindly agreed to me taking over active development of Dark Mode. I believe in this plugin so didn’t want to see it waste away.

      It will be interesting to see how it develops over time. Right now the plugin GitHub repo has been taken out of archive and is now accepting pull requests and issue submissions.


      A project such as this can only really thrive with support from the development community. It’s really too big for any one person alone so please consider contributing in any way you can. In particular CSS/accessibility gurus welcome.

      If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to reach out to me here, via the GitHub repo, or on Twitter (@dgwyer) etc. I’d love to gauge current interest in this project and see how people would like to see it evolve.


  12. paraphrasing

    Ah, this is sad. I hope someone adopts this great plugin.


  13. Gary Taylor

    How does this differ from the other Admin theming / skinning plugins? If it’s just a change of CSS somewhere then yes – it could easily be a built-in option.



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