1. Otto

    I like it, but I wish it was a bit more general. It doesn’t need to account for every plugin, I feel. I realize that css can be a pain, but this seems more complex than it really needs to be. Dunno. Will need to investigate further.

    But core damn well needs a dark mode. One hundo.


  2. Brian

    Your poll is missing one option: different schemes for different sites so I can quickly tell them apart.

    But dark mode would be a game changer.


  3. Anh Tran

    I love the dark mode. But I think the styling should be improved. Blue links on black really hurts my eyes!


  4. Eric J

    I expect Sunrise to come in dead last in the poll.


  5. Calum Childs

    I think that Dark Mode is a great thing that should be merged into Core along with Gutenberg in 5.0!


    • Pete

      It’s nice but what benefit is there for having it in core? If people want it they can install the plugin, so why add more bloatbto core?


  6. Peter Shaw

    As cool as it is, it should stay a plugin. If people want it they can install it but don’t force additional bloat on those that don’t need it.


  7. Daniel James

    Thanks for the write-up Jeff! Although I noticed in all instances you referred to me with my surname James, did you mean Daniel? ;)

    Nonetheless, I’m happy with the amount of people that have come forward to help support the effort in making the dashboard darker. If anyone is willing to help out, please do! The links to GitHub (where all the development takes place) is open for bug reports etc.

    I do think there’s probably some more work to be done in ensuring it’s just right for core, although I firmly believe I’m about 95% of the way there after looking at the reaction from the merge proposal. The trickiest thing is plugins. There’s over 50k in the directory and many of them have their own styles for a unique dashboard experience. Making Dark Mode work with all of those different plugins will be something the developers will have to do, I’m only one person! :D

    If you have any questions relating to Dark Mode though, please do respond to the merge proposal, ask in the support forums or raise an issue on GitHub. I look out for any activity so I’ll try my best to respond. One thing I’m keen on doing is trying to meet the 5.0 deadline as this does seem to be a fairly popular feature. Fingers crossed, eh?


  8. Ryan Hellyer

    Just seems like bloat to me. I’d rip out the existing colour options as it is, let alone adding an extra option in.


  9. Alex de Borba

    I believe the Dark Mode will benefit people such as me, colourblind, making our workflow somehow easier.

    Strangely, or perhaps as an inspirational approach, the Dark Mode proposed reminds me of my Fedora Workstation, using the Arc-Dark Theme.

    The resemblance is uncanny if you take a closer look.


  10. Bob

    There are 14,356 bigger priorities for core than this fluff.


  11. David Wilks

    The whole premise of this post is built on a myth! Where is the evidence that darker colours ‘are easier on the eyes’?
    Conversely, there are reams and reams of published data proving conclusively that dark text on a light background is not only far easier to read (because it IS easier on the eyes) but it also GREATLY enhances comprehension!
    Is it just a coincidence that your post complies with the PROVEN facts? Why not try publishing it using white text on a black background and watch as ‘would be’ readers quit trying after the first couple of sentences.
    Seriously, this is a case of someone thinking he/she had a good idea and that if he/she tells enough people it will come true. It won’t.


  12. Bastian

    This is definitely plugin territory. So much for the 80:20 rule, lol.


  13. Danny Brown

    Anytime I land on a website that has dark backgrounds and light fonts, I bounce. So this would be a no for me. :)


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