Daniel Bachhuber Raises More Than $17.5K to Develop a RESTful WP-CLI

Daniel Bachhuber, who maintains WP-CLI, has successfully raised more than $21K through his Kickstarter campaign. He created the campaign to generate funding to develop a CLI interface for the WordPress REST API.

According to Bachhuber, the project will allow WordPress REST API endpoints registered via plugins and themes to automatically be usable as WP-CLI commands. Developers will also be able to push and pull posts including, custom post types, users, and other WordPress REST API data between separate WordPress installations with a simple WP-CLI command.

Bachhuber requested $17.5K and within twelve hours of publishing the campaign, he received more than the asking amount from 51 backers, including one who contributed $8,500. Bachhuber will donate one hour of time to the WordPress REST API project in 2016 for every $100 over the funding goal. Based on the current amount, that’s 46 hours.

With funding in place, Bachhuber will work on the project throughout the first half of 2016, “$17,500 represents 150 hours of development at $100/hour, plus Kickstarter’s cut and costs associated with the rewards. I intend to use this time over the first six months of 2016,” he said.

There’s still 28 days left in the campaign and if it reaches $40K, he pledges to help figure out how the REST API will handle password protected posts.


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