1. mark k.

    It is unfortunate that the additional verbage cast a doubt on how well he understands wordpress eco system and therefor his ability to deliver a useful functioning product. It is unfortunate because the goal itself is worthy and doable and he is a good coder.

    I am not sure the end result will be truly useful to anyone as the same goal can be achieved in different more direct methods (an alternative approach is for plugins to add a manifest of public API that can be used by WP-CLI), but what actual users prefer to use is very hard to predict.


  2. Miroslav Glavic

    So $32,822 with 107 backers, you average that out…$307 (rounding offf to nearest dollar).

    The average crowdfunding project, I seen average donation is $5-$25.

    Not saying anything negative. I just like stats like this.


  3. Andreas Ostheimer

    Could you explain why “WP-CLI is one of the most indispensable tools for WordPress developers”?
    There are so many tools, why is this one so important?


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