1. Andrea Whitmer

    Thanks for the mention, Jeff! Hopefully the site will benefit others who follow Genesis news. Definitely interested in adding any sites or feeds I might have missed. :)


  2. Brin Wilson

    That’s pretty darn neat – and niche! ;)


  3. Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    It’s a cool idea to have a site dedicated to all things Genesis news. But unfortunately the aggregation is just sites who have blogged about Genesis. So it’s sharing news unrelated to Genesis as well. Hopefully if the site continues it fine tunes the content so it’s only Genesis news.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Yeah, this is why I asked Andrea if she had plans to manually curate the content or tighten it up so that only Genesis specific stuff is published. As you can see from the post, she doesn’t on it unless her readers and following request it.


    • Andrea Whitmer

      The choice of sites was more about the people behind them (active members of the Genesis community) than the fact that each specific post was always about Genesis. I assumed most people would be interested in anything related to WP, freelancing, and Genesis, though I’m definitely open to refining if necessary.

      For example, if Sridhar Katakam (who publishes more Genesis tutorials than anyone I know) publishes a post about the tools he uses for development, like he did yesterday, that’s still relevant to me even if it doesn’t mention Genesis specifically.


      • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

        Understandable, but I guess my point is that if the site is meant for the community and specifically for Genesis news then it’s a little misleading. Don’t get me wrong… I subscribe to many of the sites as well. So I agree they’re valuable. But for a Genesis news site I’d expect to see only Genesis news.


  4. Laura

    Good luck with the site. I bought into Genesis and a couple of child themes but it is more complicated than I have time or energy to deal with.


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