CyberChimps is Looking For Investors

CyberChimps, founded by Trent Lapinski, is seeking acquisition offers. Lapinski cites the reason as becoming too big too fast. CyberChimps owns and maintains Responsive, one of the most popular themes in the WordPress theme directory. CyberChimps also maintains iFeature, another popular theme closing in on 1M downloads. The core of the business is services, paid memberships, and commercial add-ons for themes and plugins. The company has over 1M free users of its products and over 34,000 paying customers.

Screenshot of Responsive
Screenshot of Responsive

Despite living in San Francisco for two years and speaking with several investors, Lapinski has yet to find a proper fit. “We have tapped our social networks, explored every possible opportunity, and after four years of bootstrapping and massive traction we need a new strategy.”

An acquisition would help propel the company to new heights while maintaining existing products and customer relationships. “This is the right time both for the CyberChimps team and the CyberChimps community to make a change. What we are able to do for the company and for the community has simply plateaued. It’s time to pass the torch onto someone else.” Lapinski said.

Responsive 2 Screenshot
Responsive 2

CyberChimps customers don’t need to worry about any immediate changes. Lapinski promises to notify customers well in advance when negotiations are finalized. “We’ll be sure to announce well in advance the date that the final transfer will take place along with any changes to be aware of if applicable. We’ll do our best to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved, especially our customers and community.”

If you have a serious offer or would like to learn more about the company, you can contact Lapinski directly via email: trent at



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