1. Robin

    While I appreciate Hakim making this, your conclusion is a no brainer. What was he thinking making this into a theme instead of a plugin? Bizarre.


  2. Otto

    I dunno. I like it as a theme. If you use multisite, this sort of organization is super handy.


    • Sarah Gooding

      Yeah it has some use cases where it works okay as a theme but I think a plugin would be ideal because the theme would be simpler to update, troubleshoot, etc. Creating it as a plugin would make it useful in many more scenarios.


  3. Blue Lotus Works

    Other plugin and theme presentation options include:

    Jetpack Presentation Shortcode

    3D Presentation

    HTML5 Slideshow Presentations

    Post Presentations

    Slides Theme

    You can see a demo of the Jetpack Presentation Shortcode, including underlying code, at http://bluelotusworks.com/organizing-the-wordpress-backoffice-eight-plugins-that-help/


  4. Lisa League

    That shortcode is making me reconsider Jetpack!


  5. mathetos

    Slides.com is an online service for reveal.js, and there are mutliple ways you can use that and FooBox to present those Presentations responsively and without a theme. I wrote this up a while back about it, worth taking a look: http://fooplugins.com/slides-wordpress-foobox/


  6. scottwyden

    I agree it would be better as a plugin and would love to see it as one. Hopefully a developer takes on the challenge!


  7. Richard Max


    There’s also WPMotion. Its a very powerful Reveal JS theme that’s endlessly customisable – in fact every single parameter is configurable via its extensive options. It also supports posts, pages and attachments as slides (in addition to slides), and works with all standard wordpress functionality (search, tags, archives etc) – all then rendered in 3D.

    The themes site is http://wpmotion.net.
    Taxonomy / Search example: http://wpmotion.net/?s=wpmotion
    The extensive documentation is: http://wpmotion.net/documentation/

    I was going to release as a premium theme but now need to strip out some ACF functionality so can release as a freemium version. Plugin too.

    Would love to know your thoughts etc! Or anyone elses!!!



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