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wordcampcolumbus What a busy weekend. Tomorrow marks the start of WordCamp Columbus. As I’ve found out this week, it’s not going to be as easy as I thought it would be to provide great coverage of the event because it’s multi-tracked. There are so many speakers presenting at the conference that for most of the day, there will be simultaneous presentations taking place and I can’t be everywhere at once. This also puts a kink into providing a live video stream of the event. It wouldn’t be a problem if I could sit in one spot all day but because I’ll be moving from room to room, setting up the equipment and then taking it down all day long doesn’t sound too appealing to me. Also, I’m not sure what the internet connection speed is at the event so I’m unsure as to whether streaming video would suck up all the bandwidth or not. I may give the video stream a try just to see what happens but I’m not making any promises.

Ok, so now to figure out where to get coverage of the event.

Tavern Forum – I’ve been giving this some thought on how I would cover the event and I figured the best option for me is to use a special thread on the WordPress Tavern Forum. This way, the posts are archived and it would allow other attendees to publish what they are learning in whichever tracks they are participating in. I know that Will Anderson and Kim Parsell will be there so feel free to chime in on this forum thread throughout the day.

Twitter – Be sure to follow this hashtag #wccbus tonight and Saturday as it’s the official hashtag for the event. Isn’t it good to know things like this ahead of time?

Live Blogging – The organizers of the event have created a special Prologue 2 site where attendees can be granted access to publish to the group blog. Note, you must have a account in order to apply.

After The Event – I will have my Kodak Easy Share camera with me so you can bet I’ll be taking video snippets as well as quite a few photos. I’ll be uploading the video clips to YouTube and the photos to Flickr with each item containing the following tag – wccbus. If you upload content after the event, I encourage you to use the same tag.

By the way, I ran out to Staples yesterday and purchased 200 business cards. I’ll be taking a stack with me to give away. It’s the first time I’ve ever had business cards to give away. Check out the design and let me know what you think.


Am I the first one to have a TinyURL on his business card?


7 responses to “Coverage Of WordCamp Columbus”

  1. I think the glass needs some sort of logo on it? Maybe a sort of WPT? Or even just an overlay of the wordpress logo? Not sure how far you can go IP wise.

  2. That’s a cool business card, I think people will be hard pressed to forget about “the guy with the beer biz card”!

    I just got my first business cards recently too, they have been so handy. Mine just have my ugly mug on ’em though, my avatar is the only real branding I have. They do have a lot of white space, I’m a sucker for white space, but you’ve got plenty of “amber space”, it’s hard to top that…

    Glad to hear you are going to be in full blogger mode at WordCamp, I’ll be looking forward to your coverage!

  3. @JLeuze – Well, I’ll try to be on top of things, will have to see how it goes.

    @Conorp – If I do have video, it will be published in a blog post later today so just check the site later on today or keep a watch in the forums on the WordCamp Columbus thread.

  4. @Conorp – Nope, no episode this week. I participated on another show to talk about WordPress last night. We’ll be back on next week.

  5. As it turns out, the business card was a hit! No one thought I was running a bar and they loved the whole idea surrounding a Tavern atmosphere and WordPress.


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