Sponsor Me To WordCamp Columbus

WordCamp Columbus Ohio is right around the corner, June 17-18, 2011 and I’d like to attend. However, my funds are pretty tight this year and I’d like to know if you would be able to help me out. There are three different ways you can sponsor my trip to this event.

Video – This includes a minimum of two videos recorded from the event. Each video will begin with a splash screen showcasing your company as well as providing a link within the video post. – $150.00

Audio – This includes a minimum of two recordings which could either be interviews or actual sessions from the event. Each audio recording will include a shot out to your company or business along with a link within the audio post. $150.00 Purchased by http://podscms.org/

Text – This includes a minimum of two posts which will include a banner as well as a text link. $100.00 Purchased by http://podscms.org/

If you’re interested in sponsoring me by any of these methods, please get in touch with me via email so we can square things away. I’ll update this post as sponsorships are purchased.

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