1. Grant Palin

    This is something I’ve been trying to get to doing myself. Have been running Apache and company locally on my Windows machine and while they work, I don’t necessarily want them running locally – touched upon already in the cleanliness and portability points.

    Docker can run directly on Windows 10 Pro, which I have, so have had some success running both the official WordPress image and the Bitnami version (I kind of like the latter as it directly offers the ability to map config and file directories locally). The downside is that each instance needs to run on a different port for localhost, and that’s not very memorable.

    It’s possible to use reverse-proxying to redirect localdomains such as mydomain.com.dev to localhost:port. I’ve been trying to make this work with the nginx-proxy container with limited success so far. If I can get that last step working, then it’s possible to have up-to-date dev software running locally-but-not-locally. Not just WordPress, but other web projects.


    • Luiz Felipe F M Costa

      You can run Docker on Windows 10 Home too. The differences between both is the virtualization software used. On Pro version allow you to install common Docker using Hyper-V (only avaliable on Win Pro). But you can install Docker Toolbox on both Windows versions and Virtualbox will replace the Hyper-V layer.


  2. Patrik Illy

    What do you think about Local by Flywheel which uses Docker too?


  3. Wassim

    Interesting stuff here. I’m myself a Vagrant user and I totally agree that it is a bit slow, especially when I fire more than one Vagrant VM.

    Moving to Docker would be interesting if it is much faster. But I’m still not sure if it is production friendly.


  4. Luiz Felipe F M Costa

    It’s a good post about Docker, but will be better if you are using Docker 1.13 and Compose v3.
    The new Docker features allow you to create a custom network and manage a stack more easily.
    I recommend you to check the Docker changelog. :)


  5. Gareth

    Wouldn’t it be nicer to use NGINX rather than Apache? I know it’s a preference thing, but NGINX + WordPress run really smoothly together the speed increase from Apache is quite awesome!


  6. Cristian

    Probably the most advanced and stable Docker development environment I’ve come across is LaraDock which can also be used for setting up a WordPress project but it’s not specifically for WordPress development like Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) is.
    Does anyone know of a Docker configuration focused on WordPress development?


  7. Leon Cooper

    I absolutely need to get me some new virtual machines to start a more convenient and mobile developing environment. I am always traveling and risking the chance of something having to be saved to my personal laptop. This has made me more interested in exploring the world of virtual machines even more!


  8. Guillaume

    Where does Docker Compose get the “images” from? Is there a directory somewhere?


  9. Anh Tran

    Interesting post. I’ve been looking for a better development environment on Windows. On Mac, I’m using Valet, which is super fast and lightweight. On Windows, I’m still using XAMPP, but it’s hard to work with command line tools and the setup process is long.


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