1. Jon Bishop

    A plugin may or may not exist if people are looking for a sneak peak: http://wordpress.org/plugins/mp6/

    You guys covered it a bit more here: https://www.wptavern.com/mp6-is-like-eye-candy

    Personally I love it. You can see the styles in action without using the plugin or waiting for 3.8 by just using WordPress.com


  2. Edward McIntyre

    Very Interesting.
    I am looking forward to a complete overhaul of the admin UI. I have been using MP6 for quite some time with mixed feelings. My one real hope is that the new admin is based on responsive grid system and we get full UI documentation (like the Bootstrap docs) so plugin developers can create robust experiences within the native WordPress UI.


  3. Sarah Gooding

    @Jon Bishop – I think you may be a little mixed up ;) This is for the new /wp-admin/ screen – take a closer look, it’s really cool.


  4. Jon Bishop

    @Sarah Gooding – Oops I thought that was the point of the plugin. A sort of testing ground for new styles.

    Looking closer I see the difference. I still like it :)


  5. Justin Tadlock

    I was little confused too. I thought you were writing about MP6 from the title rather than writing about the Dashboard screen.

    Nevertheless, good coverage on the new dashboard and where it’s heading.


  6. Sarah Gooding

    @Justin Tadlock -Sorry about that. The terminology overlaps sometimes – I was puzzling over that for quite awhile. ;)


  7. Pippin

    Looking great! I love the idea of the Activity stream.


  8. Elijah Heiss

    The Activity Stream looks great. Can’t wait for 3.8!


  9. Ryan Hellyer

    I thought it was a reference to MP6 until reading the comments section.

    It might pay to mention “dashboard” in the title so that people know what it’s about.


  10. Sarah Gooding

    @Ryan Hellyer – I see what you’re saying. I always think of “dashboard” as anywhere in the backend. I suppose the most specific thing would be to say /wp-admin/ in the title.


  11. Ricardo

    Please made this with Bootstrap 3!

    KISS – keep it super simple!!!


  12. Joen A.

    To clarify the mockups — I’m also contributing to the MP6 plugin, the goal being for it to be ready for 3.8. So these DASH mockups are in “MP6” clothes, so as to give us a more realistic feel for how it would look. It’s also important to note that these are all mockups, subject to change and your feedback/contributions.


  13. J.D. Grimes

    Just to clarify, at least according to these official guidelines on the codex, the Dashboard is just one of the administration screens/panels. It’s very confusing to be sure!


  14. DAN

    Dashboard definition:


  15. Elijah Heiss

    @Joen A. – Hey Joen, great work! Are you aware if these changes will be reflected on the WP.com dash as well? Thanks!


  16. Jérôme


    It’s a good news! It was time to rethink the dashboard.

    Personally, I would find good that it is the possibility there to classify the available templates by category rather than in order alphabetical and to be able to add a description.

    Also, give to the administrator the faculty to reorganize the left side menu to group the plugins which do not line up in “Setting”…

    Thank you very much for this information! :-)


  17. Joen A.

    @Elijah Heiss – I’d be surprised if that didn’t happen.


  18. Kirsten

    Please make the widgets accessible! None of my clients remembers where those are hidden. What about a main menu item called “sidebars”? Sidebars and widgets are content stuff. “Appearance” is definetely the wrong place.


  19. Simon

    WP getting better and better. Love it.


  20. connie

    what we really need is a contentmanagentsystem-like backend with better use of the space for the listing of pages (many pages!) and their attributes

    in the moment these lists are not practicable with a lot of content


  21. Jeffro

    It’s nice to see certain widgets be combined with others and with the mockups provided, even with three columns of Dashboard widgets, it still looks neat and clean. Also, very happy to see that plugins will be able to tap into the activity stream to add alerts or what have you.


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  25. chris mccoy

    I like what the backend has become from the early days to date, even marketpress recently did a mockup of what they thought it should be http://marketpress.com/2013/wordpress-backend-design-study/


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  27. Terry

    Please, I can’t read white on black. I’m hoping this is just one look.


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