Classic And Kubrick Have Left The Building

It’s officially happened. Classic and Kubrick have been removed from WordPress as per ticket 10654. We all know by now that WordPress 3.0 will ship with Twenty Ten which is the new default theme. Those who are upgrading WordPress either manually or automatically will receive Classic, WordPress Default and TwentyTen. Those who install WordPress 3.0 as a new install will only receive Twenty Ten. Those who use Subversion though will see both classic and kubrick be removed the next time they update.

Classics New Home –
Defaults New Home –

The goal is to try and get everyone who is running either Classic or Default to upgrade their themes to use the ones located on the theme repository as 3.1 may be the version where these two themes disappear for good. Is it a sad day or a celebration?


18 responses to “Classic And Kubrick Have Left The Building”

  1. Definitely celebration. It’s like trying to get a kid to give up their special binky — they’re terribly attached to it, may bitch when you yank it away cold-turkey, but then they grow up completely well-adjusted with no ill effects. Removing these tried-but-true themes will be the same for WordPress.

  2. For me it’s neither. I think both Kubrik and Classic has been good, but it’s time to update the look and feel to match all the other good WordPress development.

    I’ll run the new theme on my blogs!

  3. SOO happy classic is removed… hated deleting that from every install… and good riddance to Kubrick… happy to see where twentyten is going and looks to be a good base for dev.

  4. I think it is both in a way. Personally I never used Classic or Kubrick for my blogs for two reasons.

    1. It looked like you didn’t care about your blog
    2. I couldn’t customise to have images for the header (or at least I didn’t work out how)

    The new TwentyTen theme is certainly a high quality theme, and even out of the box I would use it for a blog, just by changing the header images.

    WordPress has come a long way from Kubrick and Classic, and as such a change in the default themes, and even retiring of them, I think, was inevitable.

    As with JohnONolan I think the Hello Dolly plugin should be retired, and I just wonder if WP-Stats should be included by default, as that is the first plugin I add on a new blog, and I’m sure many others do as well.

  5. I didn’t like Twenty Ten, the way it’s built, it’s easier to understand the whole process in Kubrik and Classic, TT is a little bit weird. I mean who builds themes with a file called loop.php?

    Although I did like the new outfit for the admin panel, it looks very shiny now ;)

  6. @Konstantin

    TT is a little bit weird. I mean who builds themes with a file called loop.php?

    It may be unconventional, but I do something similar. I have a “post.php” file that essentially just contains the loop. I use a (minimal) few conditionals to modify the loop for single, page, archive, and home, but otherwise, it’s 95% the same code for all three.

    Thus, I can more easily change the layout for the different template file types (primarily, index, single, page, archive) while more easily and consistently managing the loop.

    It may not work for everyone, but it works for me. :)

  7. Kubrik influenced my initial insight into WordPress and it was used (perhaps for too long) as a base to begin new projects. Since switching to a parent/child framework (Hybrid) my interaction with Kubrick and Classic have been simply to 86 them from the themes folder.

    @JohnONolan – I’d also like to see HelloDolly go the way of the dodo.

  8. Kubrick is much better than TwentyTen, I realized this only now.

    Default typography of Kubrick is much more pleasing than TwentyTen.

  9. I don’t care for Kubrick at all, nor do I like using Classic. But classic does make for a good “from the ground up” theme to start with when creating custom websites. If it’s the will of the people that they be phased out, then I guess that’s that. :/

  10. Classic is most definitely not a good Theme to use as a “starting point”. It has been obsolete for years. Please, for your own sake and for the sake of your clients, do not use Classic Theme as a starting point for anything!


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