Value, Default Themes, MaxBlogPress And Canonical Plugins

Better late than never. Last week, the forum was filled with great conversations some of which will transfer into this week. We’re up to 540 registered users as we keep humming along. Here are just a few of the conversations taking place on the forum.

MaxBlogPress Plugins Removed From WP Repository – All of the MaxBlogPress plugins were removed because of complaints received by users. If you’re an internet marketer with plugin development knowledge, you might want to read this thread to figure out NOT to market. The good news is Chip Bennett has forked a few of the plugins and even created on that bypasses the opt-in email activation.

Matter Of Value – This thread starts off with me linking to a great post by Jay regarding the matter of value. Ever hear the phrase, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? The same can be said for value. At least one person is not happy with the pay structure of the All In One SEO Pro version of the plugin. Read on to find out why.

Shackling a free market: WordPress canonical plugins – While the benefits of canonical or core plugins have been preached, what are some of the negatives that could be introduced? How about the idea that with the socialization of plugins, other developers of plugins in that field may suffer reduced innovation and motivation. Definitely some food for thought.

WP to change default theme annually – It’s been so long since Kubrick was bundled with WordPress. This year, we’ll see a new default theme included with WordPress 3.0 but Ryan Hellyer quotes a piece from the post highlighting the history of Kubrick that changing the default theme in WordPress will be a once a year thing to keep things fresh.

Canonical Plugins – When the poll was created to figure out what to name canonical plugins, there was some good discussions within this thread on what to call them. With the poll over and the results in, it looks like going forward that the new term for these plugins will be ‘core plugins‘.

If you’re not a registered user of the Tavern forum, I highly suggest getting yourself an account and please, answer the anti-spam question or I’ll delete your registration.



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