1. Benjamin

    Good decision. Every Hoster is offering free Certificates today, thanks to Lets Encrypt. My company is shipping new Hosting Plans by default on HTTPS. Customers have to change a Setting to go back to HTTP.


  2. Jordan McAbee

    So will websites with no SSL cert now automatically produce the “not safe” warning by Chrome?


  3. Joseph

    All this means is when you enter an unfinished URL it will automatically point to the secure 🔐 version (https) rather than pointing to http protocol and then redirecting.


  4. Sandra Maarsen

    Google Chrome 90 has a new weakness when displaying web pages that work with background images and calculations for them. E. g. https://maarsen.ch

    The weakness is that after loading such a page, the browser freezes briefly, for about a second, during which time you can neither scroll nor click. After this second, the page can be used normally.


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