1. Chrominator Sanderson

    Just a heads up for anyone reading that there are plenty of browsers out there that respect your privacy and provide better controls out of the box than Chrome. My favorite is good old Firefox, which is now excellent on all major platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. Others like Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi use the same underlying technology as Chrome but have better privacy settings and other features out of the box.


    • Roy Tanck

      I second Firefox being a great option.

      Just to clarify things, I’d like to add that it’s important to distinguish between the two ways in which FLoC can be opted out of.

      Using a “flocless” browser is a great way for end users to ensure they’re excluded from the trial. But realistically speaking, Chrome is probably going to be the dominant web browser for the foreseeable future.

      Opting a website out of the trial is what we as website owners can do to protect users who aren’t able or willing to try an alternative browser. This is what a number of plugins already allow you to do, and what is being discussed in the trac ticket.


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