1. Nile

    Congrats Chip… I heard it on Twitter first, but gotta say it here too.


  2. Brian Krogsgard

    This is really an outstanding accomplishment. Chip deserves one massive pat on the back for his many excellent contributions to the WordPress community.


  3. curtismchale

    Awesome job Chip, congratulations.


  4. Chip Bennett

    Thanks, Jeff, and everyone. I appreciate the shout-out to the WordPress Theme Review Team – but I think the best way to say thanks would be to come join us! The WPTRT is incredibly educational, fun (in a nerdy, Theme-developer sort of way), and a great way to contribute to the WordPress community. :)


  5. Edward Caissie

    Well Done, Chip! Lots of hard work and dedication can be seen in this milestone; I hope to see the next one(s) with you, too!


  6. Emil

    1,000 oh man that is for every praise, great job brother. I am about 500 away ;)

    Keep on rocking Chip!


  7. Ed Ehrgott

    Congrats on this milestone. I recently completed the theme review process I have nothing but praise for the team. My experience was the best opportunity I’ve had to date to learn about WordPress.


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