Chassis Desktop Application for Local WordPress Development Now in Beta

Human Made has released its first public beta of Chassis Desktop, an application for local WordPress development. Chassis is a Vagrant-based virtual server and a community project that Human Made has commercially supported since 2012. The new desktop app is in early beta at version 0.2.0 with version 1.0.0 coming soon.

Chassis Desktop was designed with a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners and experts alike. It was built by Bronson Quick and Ryan McCue using Electron and contains code from the create-react-app project.

On first launch the app makes sure that Vagrant and VirtualBox are installed and then guides the user to create a new box. Setting up a new Chassis install or adding Chassis to an existing install is fast and easy with the simple UI. The app also includes keyboard navigation and a built-in terminal for quick access to more control over your box.

Over the years Chassis contributors have created an ecosystem of extensions for things like MailHog, Photon, Memcache, debugging, and other software. These add-ons allow users to tailor their systems to their needs.

Chassis Desktop aims to make it easy for users to manager their Chassis development environments without having to touch the command line. As it is currently in pre-release status, early adopters may discover some bugs. Beta testers are encouraged to log any issues on GitHub.

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  1. Small point of clarification: I work on Chassis on time that Human Made pays for, and Chassis uses some HM resources (notably, the final builds will use the HM Apple Developer account for signing), but Chassis is an independent community project :)


  2. How will Chassis differ from the existing Local by Flywheel?


    1. Chassis uses Vagrant while Local uses Docker for one. Otherwise I think Local is a little more ‘clean’ from a UI perspective, but Chassis is definitely an awesome addition as it’s open source – Local is not.


      1. Chassis also plays nicer with Hyper V ( on Win 10 Post Anniversary Edition ) whereas Local does not.


    2. I was a early big fan of Pressmatic and am glad to finally see Flywheel release a major (UI anyway) update to it… Was starting to worry it was going good to die.

      Still, I’m thrilled to see a true open sourced alternative to it and will be checking out Chasis Desktop.

      I do wonder about its speed (being purely Vagrant) and ease of use (Local has easy SSL, tunneling in and she’ll access).


  3. So it is like XAMP for WordPress or?


  4. Just a small correction, but the “VirtualBox” name is one word.

    That said, will this application detect an existing installation of VirtualBox the developer may have already installed?


  5. Thanks. And yes, I believe it does detect an existing VirtualBox installation – it did for me, anyway. :)


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