1. Ryan McCue

    Small point of clarification: I work on Chassis on time that Human Made pays for, and Chassis uses some HM resources (notably, the final builds will use the HM Apple Developer account for signing), but Chassis is an independent community project :)


  2. George

    How will Chassis differ from the existing Local by Flywheel?


    • Peter Tasker

      Chassis uses Vagrant while Local uses Docker for one. Otherwise I think Local is a little more ‘clean’ from a UI perspective, but Chassis is definitely an awesome addition as it’s open source – Local is not.


    • Jon Brown

      I was a early big fan of Pressmatic and am glad to finally see Flywheel release a major (UI anyway) update to it… Was starting to worry it was going good to die.

      Still, I’m thrilled to see a true open sourced alternative to it and will be checking out Chasis Desktop.

      I do wonder about its speed (being purely Vagrant) and ease of use (Local has easy SSL, tunneling in and she’ll access).


  3. Vitor Madeira

    Feeling strange… Kind of an early Christmas…


  4. Ahmad Awais

    Looks pretty promising. Open source FTW ???


  5. Srbija

    So it is like XAMP for WordPress or?


  6. William

    Just a small correction, but the “VirtualBox” name is one word.

    That said, will this application detect an existing installation of VirtualBox the developer may have already installed?


  7. sarah

    Thanks. And yes, I believe it does detect an existing VirtualBox installation – it did for me, anyway. :)


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