Change Those FeedSmith FeedBurner Settings

Do you use the FeedBurner Feedsmith plugin for WordPress which consolidates all of the various Feed URLs generated by WordPress into one FeedBurner feed? If so, you’ll need to update that plugins settings once you move your account over from FeedBurner to Google. If you don’t, your sites visitors will end up subscribing to a feed that doesn’t exist.


5 responses to “Change Those FeedSmith FeedBurner Settings”

  1. I don’t get it. Isn’t Feedburned part of Google? Why would you move something from Feedburner to Google? And if so, surely you would disable the plugin and setup a redirect anyway.

    Or am I missing something here … kinda confused.

  2. According to Google old feeds will stay redirected to new one. Still worth changing to remove extra steps. I’ve setup “my brand” feature from the start so I have to change that instead (and leaves me escape route from Feedburner just in case).


    Yep, Feedburner belongs to Google but they recently started big show of moving from “old” Feedburner to “new” Feedburner tightly integrated with Google loging and rest of services.

    Beats me why they couldn’t just upgrade Feedburner in-place. Maybe Google wants to kill self-sufficient brand and make it own or whatever.

    Offtopic – somewhat weird order of fields in comment form? I had almost submitted with my email in URL field

    Rarst’s last blog post..Did you know Internet has an archive?


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