1. Abdul

    Wonderful to know a new theme! Its fonts look nice. Lacy Morrow is also using the theme himself. Theme is excellent to use as a one page site. It’s demo took little time to load, possibly because of huge visits. I’ll recommend to family and friends. Good share, Sarah and good job Lacy Morrow. -Best


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    I like this. It would be very suitable for a minimalistic site.


  3. Jeff Chandler

    lol, it’s funny to see things that make Ghost shine like the default theme be replicated in WordPress. One of these days, I’ll get around to using Ghost and then compile themes and plugins that allow you to Ghost with WordPress.

    The question then becomes, what draws people to use Ghost if you can make WordPress look and function like Ghost? I wonder how many use Ghost just because it’s NOT WordPress.


    • Matt Harzewski

      I’m excited about Ghost because it has a lightweight and modern codebase. WordPress is a mess. Plus, the UI is slick and focused. (I’ve long been a fan of Markdown for writing, and I already write in Markdown and convert it to HTML before pasting it into WordPress.)

      Themes aren’t typically something I care about in a blog platform, because I always make my own, anyway.


  4. Mike

    None of these themes are useful on an 11″ MacBook Air without reducing the type size (cmd-).
    But I am tired of doing that and i don’t understand why so many developers ape each other to produce unusable themes. In order to be “responsive” these themes have to respond to the MacBook Air too!


  5. Rayan Jawad

    Love this theme! Lightweight & Simplicity at it’s best.


  6. tiagocc0

    That’s a great theme! I’m using it on my own site, it was really easy to change it the way I wanted.


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