Carl Hancock Shares Advice On Registering Trademarks

Chris Lema published an interview with Carl Hancock of RocketGenius, where he shares his thoughts on why trademarks are important and how they help protect a brand’s identity. While you can register trademarks yourself, Hancock suggests working with a lawyer who knows intellectual property law and does it for a living.

It’s not simple and straightforward.You don’t pay $100 and instantly gain protection for your brand name around the world. It’s why I recommend not doing it yourself – work with a lawyer who knows intellectual property law and does this for a living.

Earlier this year, I wrote about how the GPL doesn’t give people the right to infringe trademarks. As the WordPress product market matures, I think we’ll see more businesses trademark their logo and product names, especially if more sites like GPL Club are created. If you’ve gone through the process of registering or enforcing a trademark for your product or business, share your experience in the comments.


3 responses to “Carl Hancock Shares Advice On Registering Trademarks”

    • Are you actively infringing or are those letters sent by those that are just upset with you? What do you do if you’re infringing on anything and receive a cease and desist letter? Ignore it?


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