1. Hardeep Asrani

    Would love for you to try our plugin Otter, if you ever get a time: https://wordpress.org/plugins/otter-blocks/

    Not expecting a review on Tavern but even general feedback on GitHub will be appreciated since you’ve tried a lot of similar plugins. Our Google Maps/Section block is the one I’m really proud of. It’s one of the earliest Section blocks out there. :)


  2. Tom

    Thanks for the article, Justin! Really happy to hear that you like it!

    When it comes to the full-width option, I think this is likely something I’ll integrate for people not using GeneratePress. In GeneratePress, I prefer the full-width template route to an alignfull class, but I realize this may not be the case for other themes.

    As for the color palette issue – there is actually a “Show Color Palette” button you can toggle in the color picker. However, I’ve had a few people mention they would rather the palette show by default, which I’m also leaning towards.

    Thanks again! :)


    • Justin Tadlock

      It might be worth showing the palette by default. I’ve had the plugin installed for three weeks and didn’t even notice. :)

      I’d welcome the integration with full-width alignment. I’m making it happen by wrapping in a Group block, which feels wrong since the Container block is essentially a Group block (but with cooler options).

      Anyway, great work. I hope the feedback helps.


    • Justin Tadlock

      I had a chance to go back and look at the show color palette button this morning. I do remember seeing that button now, but it wasn’t apparent that it would show my theme colors. Plus, it’s tucked in there right next to the clear color button, which shares the same design. I definitely think it would make for a better user experience to follow the core model of showing the palette by default while providing a button to add a custom color.


    • Tom

      I agree – I’ve made the palette the default view in 1.1 (with an option to make custom colors the default if you’d like).

      I’ve also added align-wide/align-full support to the Container block in 1.1. That being said, I still suggest that people start with a full-width content container (if possible) and then define contained containers inside their content. This way you’re not using 100vw CSS (which causes horizontal scrollbars sometimes) or needing to define widths to everything :not(.align-wide/full). Still nice to have the option though in case your chosen theme handles those classes better.

      Really appreciate all the feedback! Thanks again :)


    • Omak

      Hello, Tom! Wneh will GP Premium 1.11.0 (GeneratePress + GenerateBlocks) be released? Please add VK and Telegram to the “Social Sharing” option in your great WP Show Posts Pro plugin!:) At this moment there are only Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest :(


  3. UomoMacchina

    I’ve tried this awesome plugin and I love the way it let me set all the options I need.
    But Gutenberg destroyed my work when I switched to HTML view because it converted my container in single blocks.
    Is there a solution for this issue?


  4. Marcelo Suárez

    Hello Justin,
    thank you for review the plugin of Tom, he is a guarantee!
    I have him Theme and i buy it because he knows how to do the thinks simple, and again, with this plugin GenerateBlocks he did it again.

    I dont advise the problem with the width because i have Generatepress Theme.


  5. Damian Saunders

    I’ve been happily using this plugin but I did struggle with the full width issue at first, now I know why. I do enjoy it’s simplicity, I’m also left wondering why this functionality isn’t part of the core set of blocks ( but I acknowledge that smarter minds than min make these desicions ).

    I’m using it with the Astra Pro theme and full width works nicely with the Astra’s full-width/stretched page layout. I think I’d be more encouraged to see plugin use the more standardised WordPress approach.

    Having said that I may just invest in Generate Press and enjoy the integration.


  6. Abdullah Prem

    I have used so many plugins to build layouts but all that i’ve built well looked on desktop but when seeing on mobile the layout is miss placed or sometimes broken or look not-uniform.
    So if you build a plugin which i build and preview it on various devices like tablet. laptop and mobile it would be more helpful.


  7. Ben Tupper

    Tom’s work is solid. I’ve been a longtime fan of GeneratePress. This should be no different. Tom is a winner. Will be trying this plugin soon. Thanks for the write up !


  8. Samuel

    In my WordPress setup there are mainly Generateblocks and Generatepress. The best duo to get 80%-90% of the most important functions. The support is really really good with Tom and co. And on top of that, it’s based on lean code. Just cool and 100% recommendation. I say this now after 4 years of experience and yes I have tested countless other themes/plugins.


  9. Manuel

    I have been working with GeneratePress for many years and was very happy when I heard about GenerateBlocks. I immediately downloaded the Alpha version, tested it and was thrilled.
    Tom Usborne and his team are doing a great job. I have never experienced such good and fast support anywhere else.


  10. James Mota

    I like the UX UI, the lightness and simplicity of GeneratePress and Generate Blocks. I will use it for my next project.


  11. Samrat Roy

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for this awesome write up. Have been playing around with this for sometime now, and must say the fact that anyone can build reusable blocks, this feature is also praiseworthy. For someone new to CSS, I would say it might be a bit tricky at the initial. But, nonetheless the whole flexibility of building a block to be reused for later is a fascination in itself. Though I believe there are other block plugins too who can do this, right?


  12. Shubham

    Very Useful… I just install and now I’m practicing on GenerateBlock…


  13. Bud Kraus

    Congrats to Tom who once again delivers amazing, light weight options to web site developers. If GenertateBlocks is anywhere as good as GeneratePress then we have another winner!


  14. Ali

    For me, GenerateBlocks is the best tool to create the layouts I want.
    It´s easy to use and the possibilities are endless.

    I love the fact, that there are “only” four blocks to use. Grid, Container, Button and Heading. You can do nearly everything with it. If I can´t do it with one of the four blocks, I just use some custom code.

    I totally recommend GenerateBlocks. This solution is kickass!


  15. Sina

    Tom Usborne has done it again. GeneratePress is the foundation, GenerateBlocks is the icing on the cake. I absolutely love the flexibility and features that GenerateBlocks afford over traditional, bloaty page builders. GB is the perfect way to separate content from design, especially if clients are going to do most of their content updates themselves.


  16. Gaurav Tiwari

    See, I’ll be honest – it adds nothing to Gutenberg except some customization options. I use Ghostkit and Ultimate Blocks together and these two combined are the best Gutenberg tools ever produced.


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