1. designodyssey

    Good questions. I still wonder about the upgrade process when WP and/or BP upgrade functionality. I’ll have to dig through the files and file structure for all of them. I’m thinking of applying this concept to theme Hybrid as I have no experience with Thematic and like Justin’s coding.


  2. Ron

    Thanks for the post :)

    Today, Andy mentioned that he was updating the BuddyPress templates for BP 1.2, so in that instance Buddymatic will need to be updated to include support for the new functionality. But it should be like a WP upgrade where a theme without the changes still functions fine, just the new functionality won’t be available. Once Andy has the new default templates done, I will start looking at updating Buddymatic.


  3. stwc

    My head begins to spin. We’ve got bp-sn-parent as the default parent theme for which we can write child themes, then we’ve got the Buddymatic theme for which we can also write child themes.

    Who is parent to who and which children go where wha huh whhhaaaaaaa *thud*

    Brain hurts.


  4. Val Booth

    BP based on Thematic looks like Thematic (d’uh). But what are the coding differences? I was hoping to find a bullet list of coding differences.


  5. Somebody has to say the truth

    does this mean on each and every request this theme checks in every hook execution if BP is active??? Come on, that is really totally retarded! You only should check once while executing – and you could even check once a day (make it an option!) as certainly people will not install – uninstall – install BP all the time or between requests.
    This is what I do not understand in the WP community – at many places there is such a low quality in code design that it hurts. Millions of cpu cycles are burned with redundant and stupid code and the planet gets hotter and hotter. you could run 10.000 wordpress blogs on one atom processor if the programmers in the wp scene just would spend a little time learning a little bit about programming and efficiency.


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