1. cfx

    Looks awesome! Would be great to have a similar plugin for customizing WooCommerce.


  2. hnla

    So many of those supposedly confusing aspects asked by people vis a vis BP templates have been covered by us in fair depth on the BP codex though:

    Seems a shame to need a plugin to to manage this aspect of BP templating and obviously if activating the plugin on another theme styles are not necessarily going to be compatible.


    • Ryan (@modemlooper)

      hnla, if you are only editing a few files then I agree you can move a few templates over but when you do extensive BuddyPress customizations it is better to have everything maintained in a plugin. Yes, some styles won’t correlate with other designs. That’s not the point on the framework. Clients generally ask for the same things, “we want Facebook, we want a two column profile” etc. This is a way to have those things reusable. You can take the base framework and then code and design it into different types of base sites that you can reuse on later projects.


  3. Bowe Frankema

    Brilliant idea! Will be using this from now on :-)


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