1. Andrea_R

    A few thoughts:

    – I did see a number of tweets during and after your session from people who thought it was about monetizing their own blog. That might explain a few things. :)

    – there’s something about attending a WordCamp that really helps the community. It’s too easy to be nasty to one another online, but it’s a lot harder standing there face to face.

    – see you in Chicago!


  2. Jake Goldman

    I thought the description of the Monetization panel pretty clearly stated what it was about. Guess some folks don’t read past the title!

    I did hear some positive feedback on the session, as well, for what it’s worth. Compounding the fact that this 45 min session could have been easily been twice as long, opening remarks ran long which chopped another 10 minutes off the session.

    If you do put together a follow up podcast, I’d love to participate from the “questioner” / interviewer point of view.


  3. Brad Potter

    I always enjoy reading about your WordCamp adventures and the photos were great. Boston is a beautiful city, I hope to make it there.


  4. Carl Hancock

    Our panel could have easily gone another 45 minutes, as Jake mentioned. It was just starting to get rolling when we ran out of time.

    Don’t be discouraged by one person who didn’t understand what the panel was about. It was pretty clear it was about monetizing WordPress. Not monetizing blogs, but monetizing the WordPress platform itself via products and services.

    It was clear from the questions that people did ask during the panel that most of those in attendance DID get it.

    Doing a tavern version of the panel sounds like a great idea. I’m available whenever you want to do it again.


  5. Jeffro

    @Andrea_R – I’m guessing the word monetization threw them all for a loop despite the concrete description of the session.

    @Jake Goldman – Thanks Jake. When I decide to put together the show, I may have you guest co-host that episode with me.

    @Brad Potter – The MIT section where we were located was awesome on an architectural level. Lot of great buildings and it was cool to walk down the sidewalk and see a building for Google and VMWare

    @Carl Hancock – Yeah. Some people obviously knew what we were talking about. I think we can really do the topic justice in the WP Weekly format.


  6. Spamboy

    How many people were in attendance? Did all events occur in the same room, or were they spread throughout the NERD center?


  7. Carl Hancock

    There were 400-500 people in attendance. The conference took place over multiple spaces across 3 or 4 different floors of the NERD center with 4 different tracks + an unconference track.


  8. Lars Tong Strömberg

    A Wordcamp held in Microsoft premises?? Sounds paradoxical.

    I am personally very interested in the developments on the eCommerce aspects of WordPress, so would be very interesting if you have the time to develop what you discussed with Jonathan Davis and Shayne Sanderson.

    As for Intensedebate I also share your reluctance to go with a third-party commenting system. I am starting to reconsider though, but lean towards Disqus in that case.

    Hoping for a Wordcamp in Nordic soon…


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