Sara Cannon On Responsive Web Design From WordCamp Boston

Within the past few weeks, I’ve noticed the term ‘Responsive‘ showing up everywhere, especially as it relates to WordPress 3.3 and the administrative area. Having no idea what this term meant, I got in touch with Sara Cannon to figure it out. Unfortunately (or fortunately), she is pretty busy helping with making the back-end of WordPress 3.3 responsive. So the next best thing is her presentation from WordCamp Boston on optimizing a WordPress site for multiple devices. To make a long story short, having a responsive designed WordPress site means it will look good across multiple screen dimensions without the need for plugins or weird tricks. The webpage responds to look correct within the confines of the devices screen. It’s not about designing one site that is pixel perfect on a 30 inch monitor. It’s about designing a website that can be fluid enough to look great on an iPad, 30 inch screen, or an iPhone. After watching the presentation, I can see why this is a cool technique. Perhaps with WordPress 3.3, we’ll be able to login with our iPhones and be able to easily navigate and administrate our websites much easier through the phone rather than through a specific app. I recommend viewing the video in full screen mode as it’s difficult to see the slides.


2 responses to “Sara Cannon On Responsive Web Design From WordCamp Boston”

  1. Sara is cool, I attended her presentation at WordCamp SF a few weeks ago.

    It’s interesting, after 10-12+ years of CSS, we still find amazing things to do with it. Makes it (almost) worth the pain of really learning it, inside out.


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