1. Derek Ashcroft
    · Reply

    Strange that your plugging Adam Silverstein’s WebP plug-in, while there’s a much better alternative: WebP Converter for Media, that not only converts new uploads, but existing images as well AND checks whether the WebP version is actually smaller than the original picture. If it’s bigger, the WebP version will be skipped.


  2. Anoop Gupta
    · Reply

    Hi Justin,

    Of course, WordPress 5.8 update is packed with features. I like the update on images, I am curious to use WebP image for my upcoming blog post. Most WordPress users struggle with their page speed just because of heavy image size. I wish in the upcoming update of WordPress we didn’t need to use any plugins or mess with the coding to change the image format. I do not want to use any plugin to change the image format in WordPress. It is good if WordPress adds some settings to the core theme. So that the speed and stability of the website will be maintained.


  3. Alain Aubry
    · Reply

    “For users who would still rather simply avoid all things related to blocks, the Disable Gutenberg plugin by Jeff Starr is your best bet. It is the most robust solution available, allowing site owners to fine-tune the experience.”

    THANKS GOD !!!


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