Better WP Security To Be Renamed, Undergoes Major Changes

If you use the Better WP Security plugin, keep an eye out for an important update next week. According to iThemes, the plugin will be renamed to iThemes Security to be more in line with the other products in the iThemes family. Because of the name change, users will need to re-activate the plugin after upgrading or else you’ll see the following error.

Just Re-activate The Plugin To Fix This Error
Just Re-activate The Plugin To Fix This Error

Besides the name change, a number of features will be added such as:

  • The ability to add multiple reporting email addresses for backups and notifications
  • Streamlined settings for easier configuration
  • Full integration with BackupBuddy
  • A complete rewrite of existing features for faster, better, more secure sites.

Better WP Security Featured Image

Hired in 2013, Chris Wiegman has been in charge of completely revamping the plugin. Between the name change, features, and rewriting of code, Better WP Security will be a completely new plugin. The revamp is not limited to just code as iThemes Security will have professional support options available through iThemes.

Support for iThemes Security will now come exclusively through iThemes. We will be releasing those plans and packages with the new release next week.

Users will be happy to know the plugin will remain free of charge and available on the WordPress plugin repository. In the near future, iThemes plans on incorporating pro features to help monetize, fund development, and maintain the plugin. Cory Miller, CEO of iThemes said, “Current features will remain with no plans to discontinue them”. Last but not least, the free version will continue to be maintained as long as it’s useful to the WordPress community.

This is a huge transition and considering Better WP Security is among the most popular plugins on the repository with over 1.7 million downloads, it will be hard to get users on the same page prior to upgrading, despite being warned a week in advance. Hopefully, none of them will think they’ve been hacked and instead upgrade without any problems.

If you have questions or concerns about the changes, feel free to share them in the comments.


6 responses to “Better WP Security To Be Renamed, Undergoes Major Changes”

  1. We’re very pleased to see how Chris and Better WP Security have integrated so smoothly with the iThemes suite of products and of course, the team.

    Having Chris’ plugin and support and installation services as part of the FooPlugins marketplace for this past year has been a pleasure and a true testament to the power of partnerships in the WordPress community.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Chris for his trust in us as a brand and as individuals, and we look forward to what the future holds for him and the iThemes team.

  2. Does anyone know if they or anyone else will be offering any sort of support? I have a few sites where I use this plugin and every time I make a change it crashes my site and blocks everyone from the site. Even if I don’t make a change and I just press save it does this. It makes me worry about this big update. I have to use a backup htaccess file to get access to the site again. I have no idea what’s happening. Thanks

  3. The version 4 rollout is a bit of a disappointment. A few good features have been added. However, the hide backend feature breaks front-end ajax functionality which was fixed back in version 3.0.10. That affects WooCommerce, numerous Event calendars and likely hundreds of other plugins in the repository based on a simple search of “ajax”. The ability to manually clear log files has also been removed, requiring users to resort to other means to clear the itsec_log table. We’re indifferent on the changes to the interface, but can understand why some people don’t like it that all settings are on one tab.

    We think Chris Weigman’s work on this plugin is generally terrific and expect the issues we’ve identified along with those identified by others will get resolved quickly, but we’re sticking with version 3.6.5 for now.


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