1. Adam W. Warner - Co-founder - FooPlugins

    We’re very pleased to see how Chris and Better WP Security have integrated so smoothly with the iThemes suite of products and of course, the team.

    Having Chris’ plugin and support and installation services as part of the FooPlugins marketplace for this past year has been a pleasure and a true testament to the power of partnerships in the WordPress community.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Chris for his trust in us as a brand and as individuals, and we look forward to what the future holds for him and the iThemes team.


  2. Bill Kozdron

    Does anyone know if they or anyone else will be offering any sort of support? I have a few sites where I use this plugin and every time I make a change it crashes my site and blocks everyone from the site. Even if I don’t make a change and I just press save it does this. It makes me worry about this big update. I have to use a backup htaccess file to get access to the site again. I have no idea what’s happening. Thanks


  3. Blue Lotus Works

    The version 4 rollout is a bit of a disappointment. A few good features have been added. However, the hide backend feature breaks front-end ajax functionality which was fixed back in version 3.0.10. That affects WooCommerce, numerous Event calendars and likely hundreds of other plugins in the WordPress.org repository based on a simple search of “ajax”. The ability to manually clear log files has also been removed, requiring users to resort to other means to clear the itsec_log table. We’re indifferent on the changes to the interface, but can understand why some people don’t like it that all settings are on one tab.

    We think Chris Weigman’s work on this plugin is generally terrific and expect the issues we’ve identified along with those identified by others will get resolved quickly, but we’re sticking with version 3.6.5 for now.


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