Better Wording Needed For After The Deadline Prompt

I’ve used the After The Deadline service for a long time. In fact, I think I’ve been using it ever since Automattic acquired it in 2009. I proofread almost every post before it’s published. However, I’ve recently been struck by the wording of the AtD prompt once I schedule or publish a post. If you don’t use AtD, here is what it looks like.

After The Deadline Prompt

The wording in this prompt is all wrong. There have been at least a couple of instances where I have pressed OK thinking that the After The Deadline spell checker would Update my post with the necessary corrections or, allow me to actually update the errors in the post but instead, end up publishing the post. I think the most important wording that needs to be changed is the part that says “Press OK To Update Your Post“. So I’m throwing this out to everyone else to not only see how many people have mistakenly pressed OK only to have their post be published or scheduled, but also ask what do you think the wording of this prompt should be changed to? While were at it, perhaps I’m the only one screwing things up around here and it’s not really a problem. After all, I believe the prompt has been this way for a long time.

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