Beta Team Being Established For WordPress iOS

While WordPress for the iPhone 2.6 is almost ready to be released Chris Boyd announced that the iOS team is putting together a beta team for the project. Team members will receive releases before they reach the public’s hands for testing in order to fix bugs proactively rather than having to release a bug fix version after the fact. The team is looking for 30 iPhone/iPod Touch users and 30 iPad users. There are a few prerequisites that need to be met before you consider being part of the beta team.

  • You’ll need a account. We’ll be using a private blog to send you beta builds of the app.
  • Only one device per person, so if you have both an iPhone/iPod Touch and an iPad, please only sign up with one or the other.
  • We’ll need you to commit to participating as a beta user for an entire year, because Apple limits the number of devices you use for testing on a yearly basis.
  • We can’t change your device if you get a new one, so you’ll be stuck testing on the device you sign up with.
  • Most importantly, we really need you to use Trac to report any bugs or issues you happen to find.

Unfortunately, the article already has 204 comments so it’s likely that the teams have been filled. However, if you would like to keep track of development for the project, bookmark the iOS Trac website as well as the WordPress iOS Twitter account.

In related news, BlackBerry for WordPress is also putting the call out to get people involved in development.



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