1. Matt Mullenweg

    If anyone from Bear / Shiny Frog wants to chat about this, I’d be happy to make sure it’s a good integration.


  2. Parvez Shaikh

    Haven’t tried Bear yet but the interface looks really beautiful. They seem more focused on note-taking though. WordPress (and Medium) integration would definitely be great.
    I have been using iA Writer for a while now. Love the simple, distraction-free interface.


  3. Greg Ross

    I wrote the Just Writing plugin for that exact purpose :)

    And here’s a nice review by Sarah when it was first released.


  4. Pierre

    I didn’t know it was so hard to copy and paste.


  5. Neil Murray

    While “a truly distraction-free writing experience” is, I expect, something wanted by only a relatively small % of WordPress users, I would definitely like to see this pursued as an option within Gutenberg at some stage.


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