1. Theo

    I can’t wait to test this out. I love using Bear app. When I get home tonight, it will be the first thing I do.

    Thank you so much!


  2. uamv

    This would be even greater if it weren’t dependent on the the WordPress app (thus, dependent on Jetpack for self-hosted sites).


  3. David Decker

    What this post is not mentioning, interestingly, that the WordPress app also integrates in the same way with these other apps, additionally to “Bear”:
    – iA Writer
    – 1Writer
    – Ulysses

    Ulysses is really interesting, it has publishing to WordPress already built-in. This saves the ridicolous dependency with Jetpack for the WP mobile app. So you can directly publish from the writing app to your Blog or website. Ulysses is also available on the Mac and on iOS.

    Especially the Jetpack dependency for WP mobile app is an absolute no-go — the reason why I deleted this WP app everywhere and cannot recommend it to anyone. The forced connection of your website to wordpress-dot-com has so many issues, not only privacy. I still cannot understand why so many people are using this, without thinking about the consequences?


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