1. JLeuze

    Maybe bbPress just had a bad bout of Colony Collapse Disorder…

    A new design for bbpress.org and the impending release of 1.0.3 are a great start to reviving bbPress and I’m glad to see that _ck_ is back as well.

    Matt should buy her some flowers, we can’t afford to lose such a valuable member of the community ;)


  2. Jeffro

    @JLeuze – heh, that would be pretty cool if the flower thing happened. Perhaps now bbPress is starting to come up on the other side of the dip. Can’t wait for WordPress.org support forums to have email notifications.


  3. JLeuze

    @Jeffro – Oh I know, I’m tired of having to favorite every thread I post on just to at least get the replies in my feed reader.


  4. Kevinjohn Gallagher

    I’m really confused folks, and hopefully you can help me out here.
    3 days ago, on this very website, there was an article stating that Matt was telling people not to use bbPress and that he himself wsan’t coming back to the project anytime soon.

    A quickly rushed out, and totally untested, broken theme update; and suddenly everything bbPress is coming up smelling of roses? really??


  5. Brian

    About time bbPress got an update. Looking forward to seeing what comes up as the project (finally) gets revived.


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