bbPress Website Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Remember this image? It was grabbed from a couple of new design screenshots back in July of 2009 when Sam Bauers announced the site would be getting a face lift. It’s been awhile but the new design looks great. Asides from the missing bee in the header graphic, the design is pretty much the same with just a few minor tweaks. It’s good to see Sams work not put to waste.

The new design has sparked some life into the members of the forum and it’s also brought back a familiar face to the project, _ck_. I’m still not a fan of the huge Gravatars as I’d rather see them around the 75 Pixel mark instead of 132. Initial feedback and bug reporting appears to be centered in this thread. As Chip Bennett published in one of the recent threads:

At the very least, I take the refresh as a sign of new life, and in that sign, I choose to find hope of great things in the near future for bbPress itself.

Well said.


5 responses to “bbPress Website Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint”

  1. Maybe bbPress just had a bad bout of Colony Collapse Disorder…

    A new design for and the impending release of 1.0.3 are a great start to reviving bbPress and I’m glad to see that _ck_ is back as well.

    Matt should buy her some flowers, we can’t afford to lose such a valuable member of the community ;)

  2. I’m really confused folks, and hopefully you can help me out here.
    3 days ago, on this very website, there was an article stating that Matt was telling people not to use bbPress and that he himself wsan’t coming back to the project anytime soon.

    A quickly rushed out, and totally untested, broken theme update; and suddenly everything bbPress is coming up smelling of roses? really??


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