Awesome Geek Podcasts: A Curated List of Tech Podcasts

photo credit: Jan Vašek
photo credit: Jan Vašek

The WordPress community produces a couple dozen high quality podcasts covering diverse topics, such as weekly news, business/entrepreneurship, education, and development. Every year the best WordPress-related podcasts are featured in roundup posts highlighting shows that are publishing new episodes regularly.

One way to venture outside the WordPress world is to expand your horizons when it comes to podcast subscriptions. Awesome Geek Podcasts is a curated list of tech podcasts that was first published in May of this year on GitHub. Since that time the repository has received 121 commits from 34 contributors.


None of the podcasts listed in the repo are directly related to WordPress, but many cover topics related to the various technologies that work in and with WordPress. The list includes approximately seven PHP-related podcasts in English (and more in other languages), along with shows focused on JavaScript, Sass, Git, and other technologies.

Other topics included in the Awesome Geek Podcasts list that might be of interest to WordPress developers include:

  • Running software companies
  • Software design, creation, and delivery
  • Front end web design, development, and UX
  • Typography, design, prototyping
  • Open source software
  • Family and life/work balance

Several of those listed follow a short format of 5 and 10-minute episodes for developers who are short on time. No matter where your interests lie in the various aspects of “geek life,” the Awesome Geek Podcast list has something for everyone.

Currently the list has separate sections for shows in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Persian, and Swedish, but it is open to contribution. Although it doesn’t seem to include many podcasts that focus on specific CMS platforms, you can try submitting a pull request for the inclusion of your WordPress-related podcast.


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