Geek Mental Help Week 2016 Explores Issues Related to Tech Industry

photo credit: Ales Krivec
photo credit: Ales Krivec

The third annual edition of Geek Mental Help Week kicked off yesterday. This week-long event will feature articles, podcasts, and other media addressing topics related to mental health issues in the tech industry. It is organized by a group of UK-based tech professionals but participation in the event is open to anyone in any location.

The articles posted Monday address many common stressors experienced by those in tech-related professions, such as burnout, Imposter Syndrome, and keeping pace with a fast-moving industry. Contributors wrote frankly about their struggles with anxiety disorders, PTSD, grief, depersonalization disorder, and depression.

In addition to raising awareness and support, the event is designed to foster conversations. That’s why Geek Mental Help Week doesn’t just include articles from people who have successfully navigated mental health issues but also features posts from those who are still figuring things out. This includes people who are learning how to live with others who have mental health issues.

If you have something to contribute or want to join the conversation, the event’s website is hosted on GitHub pages. Pull requests with a link to an article, podcast episode, or helpful resource can be submitted to the Geek Mental Help Week repository. Follow @geekmentalhelp on Twitter for all the latest articles.



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