At Least Three Books To Look Forward To

wordpressfordummiesYesterday was quite a day for WordPress news but one thing I noticed was the news surrounding a few books. The first is that Lisa Sabin-Wilson confirmed that she will be writing a new book through Wiley Publishing called BuddyPress For Dummies. Lisa is the author of WordPress for dummies both the first and second editions with a third on the way. The dummies series is aimed at providing 101 level information to various topics so those of you looking to get your feet wet with BuddyPress will enjoy this book. I have WordPress For Dummies both the first and second editions and they have been a blast to read.

The other book related news I came across was that the WordPress Bible authored by Aaron Brazell, also being published through Wiley & Sons now has a reserved page on The publish date says March 1, 2010.

The last piece of news I wanted to share is that the DiggingIntoWordPress site which I’ve linked to before on WPTavern is doing a great job presenting information which will be in their book which goes under the same name. If the content on the site from Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr is anything to go by, you’ll definitely want to have it on your book shelf when it’s released. It’s not on but you can visit their preorder page in order to receive a special promotional offer since it will be available as a downloadable PDF first before it hits print.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Jeffro! Awesome to see how much good stuff is coming for WordPress.


  2. i’d like to see something done by o’reilly. their books always seem to have more substance.


  3. Thanks for the mention, Jeff – – I’m really excited about the BuddyPress book. The more I dig into BuddyPress, the more I am loving it :) Have a great weekend :)


  4. @Chris Coyier – No problem. I have another shoutout scheduled for my pick of the week in this weeks edition of WPWeekly. That site is pumping out great content.

    @matt mcinvale – More substance maybe, but I’ve always read into O’ Reilly books as dry. The Dummies series actually contains some humor and what have you.

    @Lisa – Good job on nabbing this opportunity. Can I say that I was across the hallway when this talk took place? :) Will be adding it to my collection when it becomes available.


  5. Heh – you WERE right across the hall when the talk took place .. so, absolutely you can say it :)


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